Wyoming Lottery to launch 2by2 game Sunday

Wyoming the latest to add the multi-state game to its lineup

By Kate Northrop

The Wyoming Lottery held a virtual press event this week to celebrate the launch of its latest game, 2by2, with tickets available starting Sunday.

Lottery CEO Jon Clontz shared information about the newest addition to the Lottery’s lineup at the press event and revealed that this will be the first game in the Lottery’s repertoire that offers a drawing every day.

“We wanted to add a draw game that brings some variety to our portfolio, and 2by2 does just that,” Clontz said in a press release. “With its daily draws and easy way to play, we believe it’s going to be a fan favorite for Wyoming.”

Clontz discussed additional reasons why players might enjoy the new game, one of them being favorable odds at a reasonable price point.

“2by2 is unique in that there are draws every day of the week, but also, the odds are incredible,” Clontz explained. “Over one in four tickets is a winner, so we’re going to see a lot more winners, and we’ll see them every day.”

2by2 is played by selecting two red balls and two white balls for each play out of a pool of 26 for both sets of balls. Players win prizes by matching the numbers they selected to the balls drawn. Matching one ball will win a free ticket, matching two will win $3, matching three will win $100, and matching all four will earn the lucky winner the grand prize of $22,000. Each play costs $1.

For exact prize amounts and odds for winning combinations, you can visit Lottery Post’s 2by2 Prizes and Odds page.

“We think players are going to love that they have a one in four chance of winning, and they can play it every day, and it only cost a buck. There’s also the ‘2by2 Tuesdays’ where you can double your winnings.”

The Lottery hopes this new game will energize Wyoming players who have been longing for a daily draw game. In turn, the buzz around its newest game is expected to increase revenue for the state every quarter.

“We want to be able to give back more to Wyoming, and expanding our portfolio is the best way we can do that,” Clontz stated. “Since we launched, we have given more than $21 million directly to the State of Wyoming, and we are focused on giving back more.”

Wyoming players looking forward to trying out the multi-state game might also want to stay tuned for some additional news from the Lottery, which announced that it is looking into researching and adding even more games such as Keno and other types of draw games to the mix.

Players can pick up tickets for the new 2by2 game beginning this Sun., Mar. 14 at any official Wyoming Lottery retailer. Other participating states include Kansas, Nebraska, and North Dakota.

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