What are your go-to ways to reset yourself if you find yourself on tilt?

So for me, I try to take away lessons learned each week. On Tuesday morning, I go back and take a look.

For instance, I went 7-2 during the 1 pm and 4 pm games Week 1 in NFL. I didn’t research the Cowboys-Rams SNF game that night so had no inkling. I told myself “made a killing, I like the cowboys, let’s bet it!” Obviously they lost.

Noted that down as a lesson learned. Not to make stupid bets just because you want to give yourself something to watch or since “I had a good day I can risk it!”

Then Week 2 my lesson learned was betting on Saints MNF. All the experts, all the smart money was on Raiders. Even the line movement on the day of was going on Raiders edge. In that scenario, the smart money and my gut instinct were on opposite sides. Should have been a no play for me.

This week, there are 3 games my gut is telling me (either to play for or one my gut says play against). Instead of betting, I wrote those down and no played it.

It’s made me make smarter bets. Especially last year I was a parlay whore and teaser slut. I’ve stopped those dramatically and if I do either, I play a very small amount.

I think you gotta take it like anything in life. Look back on your mistakes and try to learn from them going on. You’ll become a smart bettor and win money more often than not because of it.

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