We are giving away over $1,400 in Flip & Go tickets

We think you will enjoy the new tournament format from GGPoker and we have teamed up with them to help you try it out for free.

Flip & Go tournaments promise to get you straight to the money stages of the tournament. The tournament begins with everybody being forced all-in on the first table until one player remains. Once every table is complete the tournament slows down and becomes a normal MTT after the bubble has burst.

It’s not a complete gamble at the first table. Players will be dealt three cards instead of two and discard one before going all-in, so you have a chance to pick the hand that plays the best multi-way. Players who get dealt a strong three card starting hand preflop and go on to win the flip will see their stack increased. x1 if they get a three card straight, x2 if they get a three card flush, x3 if they get dealt three card trips and x4 if they get a three card straight flush.

You can also buy a bigger stack in the flip stage, up to x10 your starting stack. So in a $5 MTT you can pay as much as $50 to get a x10 bigger stack, meaning you have a better chance if surviving the flip stage. It also means that the money stage of the tournament begins with different stacks in play.

Check out the Flip & Go rules on GGPoker

flip go
The Flip & Go stage

Win one of 120 Flip & Go packages

We have teamed up with GGPoker and every day between January 14 to January 21 we will be raffling off 15 Flip & Go bundles. Each bundle is worth $12,50 and has 25 $0,50 Flip & Go Tickets per winner.

To win a bundle just head on over to our GGPoker forum every day between now and January 21 and post your GGPoker name in the raffle thread. After the first winners are announced, you have to repost in the thread the next day to have a shot at winning the next day, and so on. The first raffle takes place on January 14 and here is the first raffle thread.

Each day we will randomly award 15 players with the bundles and you can win more than once.

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