Want To Erase A Bad Bet? PointsBet Is Giving New Customers The Opportunity

We’ve all made decisions that in hindsight look like the wrong choice. That’s something that won’t have to cost new PointsBet NJ customers thanks to the PointsBet Good Karma Refund program.

New Jersey sports betting customers who haven’t wagered with PointsBet before can effectively erase one of their bad beats from the record through the program. They’ll have to get busy to qualify, however.

How PointsBet Good Karma Refund works

The most important piece of information is that this deal is only for new PointsBet customers. It’s also available in addition to other first-time depositor deals.

To be eligible, you have to place at least 10 real money bets on the Nj sportsbook app before the month ends. Any wager you place with site credit won’t count toward that total.

Once you qualify, you can select any settled wager you lost during the month. Take a screenshot of the receipt and attach it to an email.

Then, anytime between Dec. 28 and 31, send the email to [email protected] Within 24 hours, PointsBet will refund the value of your bet up to $100 in site credit.

The upside for bettors is a feeling of vindication around that wager you were so confident about but lost anyway, in addition to up to $100 in freemoney,” of course. However, there’s an upside for PoinsBet here, too.


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What’s in it for PointsBet here?

PointsBet, like all other sportsbooks, isn’t in the habit of just giving away money. This is essentially a customer loyalty and marketing ploy.

The hope is that it will inspire bettors to do more business with the company in the future. Additionally, just maybe some positive word-of-mouth marketing will result from the program as well.

“PointsBet’s mission has and always will be to provide our clients with the ultimate sports betting experience, and part of that is to continuously practice what we preach in terms of being the true bettor-friendly sportsbook,” noted Johnny Aitken, PointsBet USA CEO. “We are excited to take the next step in that mission today in unveiling Personal Good Karma Refunds. At PointsBet, we understand that every bad beat is not created equal – some may sting specific clients a bit more than others, should it involve a team they support or an instance where they feel particularly wronged – so as a result, we are excited to put the power back into the hands of our clients and let them decide which bad beat needs to be corrected.”

Additionally, PointsBet is a publicly-traded corporation on the Australian Stock Exchange. The bigger its customer base, the more easily it can secure funding and the higher experts will rate shares of the company.

Each new account registration works toward that end. For those new PointsBet customers, having a bet graded a loss doesn’t have to mean the end this month.

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