US Player Hits $95k Jackpot in Live Dealer Blackjack Game

We have a huge pandemic sweeping around the world and hitting the USA hard at the moment. Times are tough but if you want a great feel-good story then this news from a live dealer blackjack game will certainly bring that to your life.

The story is of a big win, a huge win in fact, changing the life of one player. Casinos are currently open and allowing people to play online, so if you want to get your gaming fix then you can. The new betting site Bet-at-Home offer sports betting to their customers but like many others they also offer casino gaming, including live gaming and the chance to play blackjack just as this player did to win the big pot.

Player Lands $95,000 on Blackjack Side Bet

In November, a player named MR2SaLTY4YA was the lucky gambler to land a win of $95,000 and the big win actually came from a side bet on the game, not the game itself. While playing on a live dealer blackjack table at Americas Cardroom, the player placed a side bet of $1 to have three cards dealt.

The three cards were the 7 of diamonds, three that make up a deck of 52 cards, and on one very special hand, they were dealt.

The odds for this side bet are huge, landing the big pay day of $95,000. This diamond jackpot win is even more incredible when you find out the day that it landed on. Not only was it a lucky day for the player, who changed his life with the money he won, but it was also his birthday, which made it even more special.

The player told others this in the chat room while the game was taking place, and that wasn’t the only details he revealed, all of which make this story even better. During the live chat with other players and the dealer in the room, the player also revealed that he would be sending a nice bottle of wine to the dealer Kimmy, who was the one that gave him the three lucky cards to land this big win.

There was one more big reveal in the chat as the player also said that he and his wife were expecting a baby in the new year. While he may not have had the money in time to spend on his own birthday, he will seemingly have someone special to spend it on very soon.

At the end of the game, the winning player sent a $500 tip to the dealer Kimmy and told her of his future plans. These included calling his first-born daughter Kimmy after the dealer who has clearly changed his life in a big way.

With so much doom and gloom around the world right now, people are looking for ways to escape from real life. These are the type of feel-good stories that we enjoy reading in poker news, this is certainly one that will make people smile.

Whether its blackjack in a casino room or poker site like Americas Cardroom or elsewhere, players have the chance to escape and forget about life for a short while. This player has changed his life by doing just that.

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