UKGC Publishes Further Data Showing Impact of Covid-19 on Gambling Behaviour

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If you have run out of shows to binge-watch then we have some classic casino themed TV shows for you to try. If you love card games, slot machines, and high-rolling, then you will love the shows on our list.


This show is perfect for binge-watching over a weekend, as sadly it ran for just one season. Don’t let that put you off the show, however, it is a skillfully written and engrossing series that was never given a chance to flourish by its network.

The show’s head writer was Nicholas Pileggi, who has won awards for his top tier crime writing and wrote both of the Martin Scorsese movies Goodfellas and Casino. It follows a Las Vegas sheriff and his dealings with the mob in 1960s Las Vegas as they began to take over the town and the authorities struggled to keep up.


Tilt hit the screens in the early 2000s and was conceived by the writing and production team behind the excellent Matt Damon movie Rounders, itself a card-playing tale that is popular with gamblers for its authenticity.

This is another show that didn’t manage to break into the mainstream but is definitely worth watching. Its one season has nine episodes, following a group of card players and slot hounds that try to win big at the casino’s expense. If you want to play some cards after bingeing this show, have a look here for online casino Australia to try your luck at the table and see if you can ‘take the house’.

Las Vegas

This is one of the most popular shows on our list and ran for five seasons so can give you a couple of weekends of binge-watching.

The show takes place in a fictitious Las Vegas casino and is a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at how a casino is run and what it takes to manage such a huge commercial operation. The plot evolves quickly, and there are plenty of interesting characters who keep you reaching for the remote to watch ‘just one more’ episode before bed. There is plenty of action here, just like at any good casino.


Luck had all the makings of a great, even legendary, TV show but didn’t manage to get past its first season.

It has an all-star cast, including Dustin Hoffman as a hot-tempered mob boss that is trying to make his mark in the gambling world. Most of the action centers around a horse racing track, with card games and slot machines supplementing the action. HBO spent a huge amount of money on the show but eventually had to cancel after its debut season due to accidents and oversights on set that led to the death of three horses.

Dr. Vegas

This is a hidden gem that so few TV fans have even heard of. Dr. Vegas follows a physician who is hired as an in-house doctor for a Las Vegas casino and his run-ins with management and staff while trying to look after his patients. It is filled with Hollywood stars, including Amy Adams before she became an Oscar-winning movie star, as well as 80s heartthrob Rob Lowe starring as the titular Dr. Vegas.

These five shows should keep you entertained for many weekends to come with their mix of heists, history, and tales from the world of casinos and gambling. Enjoy!

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