theScore Aims To Stand Out In Colorado Sports Betting Market

Since theScore launched in early September, one thing is abundantly clear.

The sportsbook is serious about having the best and easiest user experience in the Colorado sports betting market.

It’s not just empty words either, which is often the case these days.

theScore backs it up with actions.

theScore Bet Section

The latest evidence of this is the launch of Bet Section in early November. This is the new home for sports betting on theScore app and it lives on theScore’s media property.

The point is to make it easy for the Colorado user to find, place and cash-out their bets. This may also help the company push the envelope and get new users here.

As noted earlier, theScore launched in Colorado in early September.

The app has a market access deal with the Gilpin Casino in Black Hawk.

PlayColorado recently did an interview with Aubrey Levy, the VP of content for theScore, to chat about Bet Section and what the future holds for the app in Colorado and the market here in general.

PlayCO: Why should Colorado bettors be excited about Bet Section?

Levy: That’s a great question. We think Colorado bettors should be excited because, hopefully, this helps make their lives easier. The fundamental value proposition on Bet Section is it’s our attempt to bring the bet as close to them as we possibly can. That’s our overarching, strategic thesis is betting isn’t an isolated transaction it’s part of how they consume sports. It’s part of their everyday lives with sports consumption. And we’ve already helped them to do certain things like being able to see odds updating in real time and start to build their bet slip.

But by giving them this home within their media property of theScore to not just see comprehensive markets, see exclusive promotions but also track their bets and get cash out offers. Hopefully it brings their bets closer to how they consume their sports than they’ve ever been able to get it before, which at the end of the day hopefully makes their betting experience that much better.

PlayCO: One thing I’ve noticed in talking with (CEO) John (Levy), is a seamless, easy user experience is paramount for theScore. Why is that? And is that why this feature is so important for theScore?

Levy: Yes. The answer to No. 2 is why this is so important. And to go to the former question, because ultimately our opinion is that’s what users want. That’s what users need out of their betting products. If you look at the business we’ve built on the media side, that’s the only way that we’ve gotten to where we are. We’re the second largest sports app in North America. If you look at our competitive landscape there where we’re up against guys like ESPN, Bleacher Report, CBSSports, FoxSports, YahooSports — we’re No. 2.

And that’s not because we are the largest organization or have more resources than anybody else, that’s because we gave our sports media users the easiest and most seamless way to follow the teams, leagues, and players that they love. It wasn’t about what content we thought they should receive. We gave them amazing breadth, amazing depth, and we let them personalize it to them.

So Bet Section, and really our betting strategy overall, is an extension of that. It’s, ‘you’re a sports fan, you have your preferences, the teams you love, and the bets you like to make. So we should be able to bring you your bets in a personalized and kind of teed up on a silver platter for you as best as possible. And not force you to have to bounce around from one ecosystem to another. From one app to a different property. Authenticate through three different platforms. And then ultimately not even know who you are as a player or fan. The idea here is we know who you are as a sports fan, we should be able to give you your betting options and then have as much of that betting behavior as possible right there where you’re looking for it.

PlayCO: How much work went into this project?

Levy: Months (he said laughing). This was a huge undertaking. To make sure that we were able to intricately and, to use the word again, seamlessly, sync these features from our betting property into our media property … it’s been a big undertaking. And this is really just the beginning of this section. This is not a “put it out and leave it alone.” This is going to just get better and better and better for our users. Don’t get me wrong, this initial version of it is what we are extremely proud of.

And we think that this is a new level-set of integration from anything in market as it stands today. The ability to get a comprehensive, personalized list of betting markets right in the media property. To see personalized promotions. And to be able to track and get cash outs on your bet from our media property is something that is already head and shoulders above what exists in market. This is the home for betting within our media property. So the places that this will be able to build towards and things we’ll be able to add into this.

PlayCO: In terms of the Colorado market, is this something that will help you guys stand out from some of the other competition?

Levy: I certainly think so. It’s not something I’m seeing anyone else in the market doing. We’re seen early on that Colorado sports fans have very strong affinities for Colorado teams. I think this offering today takes our product experience for users and gives them something that no other betting and media property in Colorado will give them.

PlayCO: Why is the company so excited about Colorado?

Levy: Colorado is a great sports market. You have fantastic sports franchises there. You have an avid sports fan base there. We have a strong media user base there. It’s a very online friendly and intelligent market. It sets itself up fantastically for us to be able to put our best foot forward and really shine with users in Colorado.

PlayCO: What does the future hold for theScore in Colorado and for the Colorado market?

Levy: I think Colorado is going to be a fantastic market for us. The name of the game for us is never to come to market, do the largest, loudest, splashiest media brand campaign or media blast. It’s to come in, understand how users are using our product and give them better and better experiences. I’m ecstatic that even three months into Colorado we’re able to give them Bet Section. I think over the course of the coming months to years that experience of making their lives easier and simpler and supporting their fandom is only going to get better. From what I’m seeing in Colorado, there are some avid sports fans and some avid sports bettors there. I think it’s going to be a fantastic market for us and have a pretty meaningful position in.

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