The 5 actions you should take now to win the lottery fast and often


The Monopoly Game has since ended, but winner Wayne O’Keefe said that his secret to winning this $21 million in 2014 is: “I go and buy tickets every day.”

A lottery help service I started a while back gave me the biggest shock of my life. Because when players started giving me the info I needed to help them play better, I discovered they had all been playing my System correctly.

Except for one thing. And that is the first item on the list of 5 things that players don’t do properly:

#1. They don’t play with enough tickets. Sure there are quickpick jackpot winners in the news who only buy one ticket on their birthday, but that’s just pure chance. To get multiple winning prizes in each game like me, you need to buy more tickets. I found in my help service that most Silver Lotto System players were only buying up to 5 tickets a game – and it’s not enough. My System works on playing larger numbers… more tickets. If you don’t have the funds, then save up and play big each month instead of weekly. The secret is a large number of tickets in one game – not single tickets every day.

#2. They don’t use real money. Instead they want to test the System by going back 10 years and seeing if there’s a winning combination there. If there isn’t, they say the System doesn’t work. There are many ways to correct that, and it’s part of my free coaching. But the first step is to play with real money. You’ll regret it if you win only on paper as several of our Silverites have done, for as much as $1 million in Lester R’s case.

#3. They worry if their country doesn’t feature in our testimonials. Wondered why I have so many more testimonials from one particular country than another? The most popular buyers of my system are from Canada, America, UK and Australia. Don’t use these country’s high success rate as an excuse not to try if you live outside those countries… players DO win in many other English-speaking countries.


#4. They play games with a large number of balls and numbers. Wrong! Play with small numbers for better results. The Malta Lotto has 90 numbers for example, so if you happen to live there – try something easier! The odds are really too high. Instead, play 5 ball games that contain as few numbers as possible. The Silver Lotto System will work with games that have as little as 35 numbers, but not as high as 90. Although you can also play Mega Millions and Powerball, try and avoid those unless you have PRO.

#5. They don’t persist. Persistence works in your favor if you make it a priority. When we first shifted into one of my homes, I decided to apply my do-it-yourself skills and install the new microwave into the cupboard space built for it. It took me from afternoon right through to 1.30am to complete this ‘easy’ task. But without persistence I could have easily given up. So persistence is the secret I use. Lotto is the same. It’s easy to give up in the first few weeks when you don’t seem to making progress, but persistence will get you through. One player spent over $600,000 in 9 years to win a big jackpot. Do you have the persistence to go that far so so long?

I’ve since discontinued my help service. What’s the use if my System instructions are so good that everyone fills out their numbers properly?

All that remains is to play more, more often.

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