The 3 secrets to winning the lottery faster and more often


Waiting is part of playing the lottery, but you can take shortcuts.

You’ll notice that one of my favorite sayings is ‘Winners Take Action.’ They do everything right now. Not when the time is right.

Decades ago I started a weekly community newspaper. I did everything – writing stories, selling ads, laying out each issue. But each week at an appointed hour, my pages had to be put on a bus to be sent to the printers several hundred km away.

If it wasn’t ready, the paper would not be published and thousands of readers and advertisers would miss out. The deadline was non-negotiable.

I never missed the bus.

No matter what stage the paper was at, finished or not, it went.

This taught me the value of not waiting until everything was perfect. Because most people do that and never get started. They want everything to be right, to be perfect, before they make their move.

And usually nothing gets finished, or begun.

Nothing will ever be perfect.

In its early days, Microsoft was renowned for producing products that weren’t quite ready. They would launch them, then rely on continuing input from the public to correct mistakes and improve them.

It’s not the best way to run a business, but it worked for them. They took action to get it off the ground.

Many lottery players have the same mentality, and this is holding them back:

#1. They wait until the jackpot climbs.

They are waiting for the perfect jackpot so they can really start to win. This amount – usually $10M and above – is the motivator for them. They don’t realise that winning several smaller prizes can be just as satisfying.

ACTION STEP: Play every week, no matter what the prize. You can’t be choosy waiting for a multi-million dollar prize when you could be winning smaller prizes many times over.

#2. They wait until they win my Free Daily Draw.

They haven’t bought my System yet because they are waiting to win the Free Daily Draw at

ACTION STEP: Like the lottery, you’ll never be able to predict when you’ll win the Free Draw. So buy the System and get started. If you win the Free Draw you always have a range of prizes to add to your System to make it work better.

# 3. They wait until LottoPredict gives the perfect score.

They’re waiting for a YES to appear against their game. In the meantime, they don’t play the weeks with a 75% or 50% and miss out on the opportunity to still get a good chance to win.

ACTION STEP: If you hang out for the YES games, you’re wasting opportunities that could be used winning other games. The best way is to get a set of PRO Custom Profiles. PRO lets you play every game without having to wait for a YES:

If you badly want lottery success, I’ll remind you again: Winners Take Action!

You’ve got to try every way possible to win, than act on it. The more ways you try, the better your odds.

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