Stay-At-Home Order Closes Most California Poker Rooms

With his most recent stay-at-home order, California Gov. Gavin Newsom closed most of the state’s cardrooms.

The order, which was triggered when ICU capacity at hospitals dipped under 15%, went into effect Sunday for the Southern California region and the San Joaquin Valley. According to a CNN report, Southern California dipped to 12.5%, while San Joaquin fell to just 8.6%.

It forces most indoor businesses, including the area’s cardrooms, to close. Bars, wineries, hair salons, museums, movie theatres, playgrounds, gyms, and indoor recreation centers are also among the businesses affected by the order. It will remain in place for at least three weeks and will not be lifted until ICU capacity is back above 15%.

Roughly 87% of the state resides within these two areas. Southern California encompasses all Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties, which are some of the most highly populated counties in the state, and home to some of the biggest cardrooms.

The Bicycle Casino, Commerce Casino, Hawaiian Gardens, Hustler Casino and Hollywood Park all reside in Los Angeles and have been shut down as a result. San Diego county houses a handful of popular poker rooms, including Ocean’s Eleven Casino in Oceanside and Seven Mile Casino in Chula Vista, which have also been temporarily closed.

“At this time, we have no information when we will be permitted to reopen other than it will be no earlier than December 27, 2020,” read a message on Ocean’s Eleven website.

Many popular gambling spots in San Diego are owned by Tribal nations, which do not have to follow the state’s mandates.

A handful of casinos and cardrooms in Northern California are still allowed to operate as the region has not yet been with the mandate but could if hospital availability falls.

Since the coronavirus began spreading throughout the country last March, California has been one of the strictest states in the country with reopening its economy.

Newsom allowed many cardrooms to reopen in June but forced most to close again in July. In a workaround to his mandates, cardrooms began to open outdoor areas where they were operating up until the most recent closure.

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