Slot machines manufacturers where to find name on machine

You’re looking at this the wrong way.

Payouts are set by the casinos, typically by denominations. For example, penny slots often pay 89-90%. Terrible.

Nickel, quarter 90-91%. Dollar 91-92%. 5 dollar+ $92%+

If you’d like to enjoy your trip best, play blackjack or craps, less chance of hitting a jackpot but hey you won’t lose it all so quick and lower edge.

Will say, I’m one of the few players to touch slots and make a profit in my life. I don’t play slots at all, I play poker. However a new casino had play $100 in slot, get free buffet promo so I gave it a shot. 20 spins at $5 each, leave after the 20th spin. On spin 4 or 5, hit bonus free games. Hit screen full of bells. 2700 win, $2150 after taxes. Wild times. Still don’t play slots.

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