Schecter Hellraiser / Blackjack ATX C-1 (Protoype?) – musical…

As far as I can tell, this is a somewhat unique Schecter Hellraiser / Blackjack. I’ve done some research, and I think it’s likely a prototype guitar because it has the hellraiser inlays and truss rod cover, but it has the blackjack satin black finish and binding. The serial puts it as built in 09, so I think they were working on the newer gen of blackjack styling at the time (ATX with these features and finish) and I’m thinking this might be one they built while they were prototyping features. I’m not sure if the EMG’s were a stock choice or if the previous owner swapped out another set for them.

Pretty much if you’re looking for a blackjack ATX with the hellraiser inlays, or a hellraiser from that era without the gawdy abalone binding and with a killer satin black finish & locking tuners, this is your chance to make that happen without a custom order.

Guitar plays and feels fantastic, mostly feels like a blackjack ATX because of the satin finish (not the SLS with the extra slim neck). Is still in great shape too considering its age.

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