Question about Wagering requirements. New online casinos in Michigan

Good Evening,

I live in Michigan where online casinos just became legal and now there are a whole host of online casinos offering promos to lure you in.

I have a specific question about this promo

So just to make sure I am understanding this correctly, if I deposit $1000 & am granted a $1000 deposit match, I have to play $10,000 to withdraw any of the promo. (I understand I am not including the free games winning in this equation)

If that is correct, my questions are

  1. If im up anytime above the $2000 (Initial deposit + Match) say $2500 can I withdraw the $500 winnings?

  2. If I burn through all of the initial $2000 (Initial deposit + Match) and then deposit more money, will i essentially start from scratch and my new deposit and winnings can be withdrawn from at any time?

  3. How do Online Casinos put the deposit match or bonus with the original deposit? Say you have that $2000 (Initial deposit + Match) and you lose down to $1250 and you would like to withdraw, can you only withdraw $250 because you haven’t met the wagering requirements?

Thanks for all the help as this is new to me and all Michiganders!

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