Police Raid Illegal Casino in Austria

Police in Austria have raided an illegal casino in Meidling, Vienna, seizing 13 gambling machines in the process.

The raid came after a complaint that the casino was being operated out of a restaurant. After arriving, police were denied access and had to force their way in by using a locksmith. After gaining access, the police found the illegal gambling machines as well as tobacco smoke, which goes against health regulations. The perpetrators will be facing large fines.

Commenting on the raid Austria’s Finance Minister Gernot Blumel said, “Crime is not in lockdown, so rigorous financial police action continues to be carried out to reduce illegal gambling. I congratulate my colleagues in the financial police on this success.

“Illegal gambling is being carried out by organised crime and we are increasingly finding the connection to traditional criminal business areas such as drug trafficking, smuggling and illegal prostitution. We therefore work closely with the Federal Criminal Police Office to arrest the people behind it.”

Illegal gambling is a big thing in Austria, as nearly 1,400 gambling machines have been seized across the country.

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