Pick of the Day – 11/14/20 (Saturday)

Record 7W-2L-1P

Previous POTD: Sasnovich ML (-154) LOSS ❌

Today’s POTD: UFC – Brendan Allen ML (-120) @ 7:30AM CST

Reasoning: I would like to start off by saying this will be my last POTD that I will be posting on reddit. It’s already time consuming to do research on multiple games and then having to summarize and post on reddit makes it a chore. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate everyone that thanked me and enjoyed my picks but from now on, I will be posting all my picks on twitter without having to write an essay for my reasoning. My twitter is u/Riskyodds

Brendan is a high level grappler/wrestler and Sean is a technical striker. I would like to compare this fight to somewhat like Khabib vs Mcgregor and we all know what happened in that fight. Brendan has fought and won against good strikers such as Kevin Holland and Aaron Jeffery so it’s nothing new for Brendan. Brendan doesn’t have great head movement and isn’t really good at setting up takedowns. However, Sean isn’t that great when it comes to movement. His past fights have all been him inching forward, pressuring his opponent. He stands very tall and doesn’t bend his knee much so he is leaving himself open to single or double leg takedowns. Yes, he has high take down defense statiscally, but like I mentioned before, he hasn’t fought a high level grappler/wrestler like Brendan. All Brendan has to do is get 1 takedown or get Sean’s back to the cage and he would have a lot of possibilities to win. I don’t see Sean getting up if Brendan takes him down. Brendan is lethal with his ground and pound and submission threats so Sean will be holding back his striking because he will have to be alert at all times for the takedown attempts. Plus, Sean doesn’t have much power in his striking and Brendan has never been finished by KO/TKO so the only way I see Sean winning is by staying on the feet all 3 rounds and winning by decision. Grapplers/wrestlers have a huge advantage when it comes to MMA fights because once the fight is on the ground, it eats up the clock and they usually win the round. If Sean doesn’t get a KO/TKO victory, Brendan should have this in the bag.

[edit] I would also like to add that sean is coming off a 2 year hiatus due to a motorcycle accident. Sean’s previous opponent, jack marshman averages 0% takedown attemps and 0% takedown accuracy so Sean was never worried about the fight getting to the ground. His training camp mainly focused on his striking. So Sean will be at a huge disadvantage taking this fight against Brendan Allen on a short notice without preparing/training for Brendan’s ground game. If you guys are into body languages, Sean was talking to Dana and Brendan because he wanted to redirect his nervousness away. I also saw Sean’s eyes being very unfocused, looking at Dana and the crowd and avoiding eye contact with Brendan. While Brendan stared straight into Seans eyes and means business. If you looked at Sean’s previous faceoff against Jack, Sean wasn’t talking and his eyes didn’t wander off because he was very confident that he was going to win

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