NFL Week 14 Opening Line and Analysis – Early Picks

December 7, 2020

Opening Lines week 14 NFL

Catching early lines can really be a benefit. The point spreads tighten up as the week goes on. Two points really can make all the difference in the long run.

Last week our early line analysis and picks went about .500. Let’s see if we can do better this week. There is one disadvantage to betting lines early. And that is not knowing the full injury report. But there is an equal chance a player from the opposing team will be injured (or covid) as well. So, this too is a gamble.

Week 14 NFL Opening Point Spreads

Teams Opening Line Our Line Pick
Rams vs NE Rams -6.5 Rams -4.5 Yes (NE)
NYG vs Arizona Arizona -2.5 Arizona -2.5 No
Carolina vs Denver Carolina -3.5 Carolina -4 No
Miami vs KC KC -7.5 KC -7.5 No
Chicago vs Houston Hou -1.5 Hou -2 No
Tampa Bay vs Minny TB -6.5 TB -7.5 No
Jax vs Tenn Tenn -7.5 Tenn -5.5 Yes (Jax)
Cincy vs Dallas Dallas -3.5 Dallas -3 No
Las Vegas vs Indy Indy -2.5 Indy PK Yes (LV)
Chargers vs ATL ATL -2.5 ATL -1.5 No
SF vs WAS SF -4.5 SF -6.5 Yes (SF)
Philly vs N.O. N.O. -7 N.O. -5 Yes (PHI))
DET vs G.B. G.B. -7.5 Green Bay -4.5 Yes (Det)
Buffalo vs Pitt Pit -2 Pit -2 No
CLE vs Balt Off Clev -2 Off

According to our early advantage handicapping, the following picks should be bet early:

  • NE +6.5 (Buy point if possible to make +7.5)
  • Jax +7.5
  • LV +2.5 (Buy the point and get over a FG)
  • SF -4.5
  • PHI +7 (Buy the half and make +7.5)
  • Det +7.5

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