New Rank Roulette with Lowko!

I think (and this is kinda the beauty of Starcraft ladder as well and why it’s a fantastic sport for people who play) is that when players are equal in skill level, the pacing of the game makes it possible to mimic high level play. Ie, you have breathing room to macro / micro your units etc if your opponent is at your level be it masters, plat or gold.

When you ever get matched with someone out of your league, that’s when you see those super lob sided matches and bad mechanics. But when two players are the same level, there are flaws in their game that make the game “look” better than the relative skill level of the players.

It would be easier to know for sure watching a full game but with snap shots as per this format, you don’t really have the full picture of why an army looks like that at 10 minute mark etc.

It’s why I love playing this game, the mmr system works well enough that if the opponent isn’t a smurf, I have a chance to win a game mostly. by doing things I see on last night’s Dreamhacks or GSL, even if I totally mess up my build order, floating minerals or all the other fundamentals because my opponent also can’t handle the attention required or the macro as well. If they could, we wouldn’t be playing each other. So the pace is even enough that I can play the “same game” even though it’s infinitely slower.

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