Mouth to Out Hellmuth for “Protecting People Who Steal Millions in Poker World”

Mike “The Mouth” Matusow promises a blockbuster revelation on his Friday night podcast.


In a tweet sent out Thursday evening, Matusow said he would be revealing how World Series of Poker bracelet record holder Phil Hellmuth has been “protecting people who steal millions in (the) poker world”. Stay tune, he added.

The story will be told on Matusow’s “TheMouthpiecePodcast” at 7 pm ET.

There appears to be a rift between the one-time friends.

Matusow tweeted his podcast promo directly to Hellmuth, who responded with popcorn emojis.

An hour prior, “The Mouth” tweeted to Helmuth, also known as “The Poker Brat”:

“Your a criminal just like Scott Ball he’s a thief and you protect thieves that makes you a thief also. Go call someone else to brag how rich you are. Fuck off”

Helmuth suggested that Matusow was upset for being thrown out of one of his poker games.

“1 Mikey – I apologize for kicking you out of my poker game. You broke tons of rules, and when I called you out well over 25x, you screamed at ME. I know you ONLY made $275,000 playing w my friends, guys you met 2-3 times. You acted entitled, and you acted like a ‘Victim'”.

Matusow tweeted: “@phil_hellmuth your good buddy stole 1.8m in poker world and you defended him not wanting to go public cause it would cost you 200k who protects thieves for their own interest? Are you that in need of money. Poker world should know who criminals are! Maybe your a thief also?”

To say this story is fluid would be an understatement. By Midnight heading into Friday morning, Matusow tweeted that he loved Phil.

“TheMouthpiecePodcast” Can Be Heard Here

Expect a trainwreck.

– Nagesh Rath,

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