Kyrie Irving Betting Odds: When Will He Return?

The sage of Kyrie Irving continues as he remains Missing In Action and reportedly under probe for violating the NBA’s Covid-19 mask mandate. BetOnline has posted odds on Irving’s return and whether he will ultimately be traded (they think NOT).

When will Kyrie Irving play next game for Nets?

Before 1/18/21 (+200)

On or after 1/18/21 (-300)

Will Kyrie Irving be traded?

Yes +400

No -700

The Nets are looking into video that appears to show Irving attending an indoor family gathering with an undisclosed number of attendees while not wearing a mask.

General manager Sean Marks said Tuesday that the team is reviewing the circumstances with both Irving and the league to determine his compliance with health and safety protocols.

Marks added in a statement that a date for Irving’s return to the team has yet to be finalized.

Asked if he was confident Irving would be back with the Nets this season, coach Steve Nash responded: “Sure.” But he offered no clarity about when that might happen.

“Like I said, right now I’ve got to focus on coaching this team and getting the best out of them,” Nash said. “So I can’t make any predictions, prognostications about things that are outside this building.”

Irving has already missed four straight games due to “personal reasons” and will likely face a quarantine period upton his return. Fines could also be issued.

Houston’s James Harden was previously fined $50,000 last month when he attended an indoor private party in violation of the league’s Covid-19 protocol.

– Tyrone Black,

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