James Harden Next Team Odds

James Harden keeps adding teams to his preferred list of trade partners and that provides an excellent opportunity for our friends at BetOnline to offer more odds on Harden’s next team.

While four teams havd initially been confirmed by NBA insiders, a few more possibilities to the mix, and now that list has been expanded as of January 13, 2021.

James Harden next team (Must be traded by March 25, 2021 for action.)

Will James Harden be traded?

Yes -175

No +135

James Harden next team

Brooklyn Nets +150

Philadelphia 76ers +225

Portland Trail Blazers +500

Golden State Warriors +800

Miami Heat +900

Boston Celtics +900

Milwaukee Bucks +900

New Orleans Pelicans +1200

Toronto Raptors +1200

Denver Nuggets +1400

Previous Odds

Miami Heat +250

Brooklyn Nets +275

Toronto Raptors +350

Philadelphia 76ers +500

Boston Celtics +750

Denver Nuggets +900

Milwaukee Bucks +1000

Los Angeles Clippers +1800

Will James Harden be traded by the NBA trade deadline?

Yes +150

No -200

(Opening odds on Nov. 11 were Yes +500, No -800)

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