IOC Claims the Japan Olympic Games Will Take Place This Year

Tokyo Empty Street Background With 2020 Olympics

  • The 2020 Olympic Games were officially postponed back in March of last year.
  • The majority of Japan’s population now feels it’s time to cancel the Olympic event entirely.
  • IOC President Thomas Bach claims the Japan Olympic Games will take place this summer as planned.

Over the past ten months, officials within the International Olympic Committee have done everything they can to put on this year’s Summer Olympic Games. It hasn’t been easy, and many are now pushing to have this event canceled. The IOC disagrees, however, and claims the Japan Olympic Games will take place as planned.

There is serious controversy surrounding this entire event. Many in Japan worry it could end up putting the country at further risk. Today, we’ll talk about some of the IOC’s safety plans to ensure the Olympics go on as planned.

Here’s what we know!

More Residents in Japan Push to Cancel the Olympics

The 2020 Summer Olympic Games was expected to be one of the most impressive Olympic events ever held. Japan has a reputation for going all-out on its international events. It seemed likely that this would be one for the ages.

Early into 2020, however, concerns began to raise that this event could end up being postponed. Countries around the world started implementing intense travel restrictions. Health experts warned that allowing travel would put public health at risk.

By March, members of the IOC had no other option. IOC President Thomas Bach confirmed that this event was being pushed back a year. It was an unprecedented moment, as this was the first time this happened for any reason other than a major war.

Since that time, the International Olympic Committee and members of Japan’s government have been coming up with strategies to hold this event in the safest way possible. Many in Japan are expressing concern over the event and many now feel it should be canceled entirely.

Back in March of last year, no one knew how things would look by the time 2021 rolled around. Much of the world remains shut down and healthcare systems are being tested like never before. With just six months until the Japan Olympic Games are set to begin, calls to cancel the event are beginning to intensify.

The IOC is having none of it. This week, the aforementioned Thomas Bach confirmed that he is doing everything possible to ensure the Games take place this summer.

Thomas Bach Continues to Claim the Japan Olympic Games Will Take Place

There is an incredible amount of work that goes into putting on the Olympic Games every four years under normal circumstances. The event scheduled to take place in 2020 is perhaps the most difficult to ever hold. The IOC is clearly putting in a tremendous amount of work into holding the Games this summer.

Officials within this group clearly do not want to see it canceled. The vast majority of the residents in Japan feel differently. It’s an extremely difficult situation and many are trying to figure out the best path forward.

Thomas Bach isn’t backing down. For months, he has been telling the media that he plans to hold this event beginning in July of this year. He doubled-down on that idea this week and all but guaranteed the Japan Olympic Games will take place as planned.

“We have at this moment, no reason whatsoever to believe that the Olympic Games in Tokyo will not open on the 23rd of July in the Olympic stadium in Tokyo,” Bach said. “This is why there is no plan B and this is why we are fully committed to make these games safe and successful. You may not like it but sacrifices will be needed. This is why I’m saying, safety first, and no taboo in the discussion to ensure safety.”

There are several different scenarios being considered. One is that the event takes place as planned, yet without any fans in attendance. Another is that with effective vaccine protocols, some fans will be given permission to attend. Of course, there’s still always a chance that this event is simply canceled.

The IOC is doing what it can to ensure this event takes place as expected. We’ll be sure to offer more information on this situation over the next couple of weeks.

Major Sporting Events Taking Place This Year

There has been a tremendous amount of attention placed on this year’s Summer Olympic Games. Never before has this event been canceled in the way that last year’s event was. There are still many questions surrounding the event.

The Summer Olympics isn’t the only major sporting event scheduled to take place this year. There are many set to kick off over the next twelve months. Many are now heading over to BetOnline to place their wagers on these different events.

One of the most exciting ones is the UEFA Championship. Also known as the Euro Championship, this is one of the most highly-anticipated soccer tournaments that takes place every four years. It was postponed last year and is now scheduled to being on June 11 of this year.

Football fans in the US are certainly excited to see this year’s Super Bowl. The conference championships are scheduled to take place this weekend. The winners will then compete in the Super Bowl taking place on February 7.

There’s no doubt that the Japan Olympic Games is the most-anticipated sporting event taking place in 2021. No one really knows how this event will look. Hopefully, it can take place in a way that is safe for all the athletes and spectators.

Do you think we’ll see the Olympics taking place this summer? Let us know in the comments section below!

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