Incentive Games and Virgin Bet Drive Customer Acquisition with New Game

A new customer acquisition game, Virgin Bet Fives, is the result of the collaboration between Incentive Games and Virgin Bet. The new free to play game is already well received by customers.

Incentive Games and Virgin Bet Launch a New Customer Acquisition Game

Sports-related game developer, Incentive Games in collaboration with Virgin Bet announced the launch of a new customer acquisition game. The new game follows Virgin Bet’s plan to continue to “raise the bar in customer engagement and value“. Dubbed as Virgin Bet Fives, the new game allows players to build a five-man football team over one week. When the players score goals, the users can win real cash prizes.

According to Incentive Games’ press release, it is not a surprise that this will not be the only title created in collaboration with Virgin Bet. In fact, Incentive Games and Virgin Bet have already signed a multi-game deal.

Furthermore, the company added that Virgin Bet Fives has proven to be immediately popular with customers. A “considerable uptake” was observed in November, but the game has also shown impressive week-on-week retention rates.

Commenting on the subject, John Gordon, CEO of Incentive Games said: “Not only does this game look great, but there’s substance to go with the style – the analytics really back it up.

He added that the company is looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with “a forward-thinking brand that we had a lot of fun working with“.

Virgin Bet’s Managing Director, Ric Leask, said that the company is pleased with the launch of Virgin Bet Fives in collaboration with Incentive Games. He added that the feel of the unique free to play game extends Virgin Bet’s great offering. In conclusion, Leask said that based on early indications, the game is well received and loved by the customers.

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