There you were

In my arms

And you were so young

And I was so much in love

You would call out my name

And I would run

And our faces would light .

Endlessly I would stare

And you would too

And we knew we were one.

You found the moon

And we spoke its name

You grew, I grew

We grew

And I loved you

And you loved me

But somewhere, at some point, something went south

And we tried so hard

And I cradled you so long

My back hurt

And my soul hurt

And you looked at me

And I looked at you.

You told me never to go

And you knew I wouldn’t

But you, my love, did

Now I’m running to you

And I’m loving you

Because you are my own

And I can’t live without you

And this is our sky

And our moon

This was your name

And I gave it to you

And mine won’t change,

You gave it to me

You may be gone but

Dada will always be here.

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