Google Virtual Poker Tournament Search Results in Faded Spade

Google hit the virtual poker tournament streets this past week with Faded Spade Virtual Poker for a corporate poker event connecting employees. As a business virtual poker event, Google Poker Night players participated in a freezeout virtual poker tournament to crown the first-ever virtual Google Poker Night Champion.

Faded Spade Virtual Poker has become the virtual poker tournament platform of choice for major corporations to connect their employees and/or clients in a fun, safe and white label branded way. Google, Guggenheim Securities, RSM, Morning Brew, Stocktwits, and Raine are just a few corporations that have chosen Faded Spade Virtual Poker for their business poker virtual events.

Faded Spade Virtual Poker has also become a popular choice for charities and foundations to host their virtual charity poker fundraising events. Since May, Faded Spade has helped more than 50 charitable organizations fundraise a total of over $1.5M through virtual charity poker events.

Make-A-Wish Foundation, Boys and Girls Clubs, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Jason Taylor Foundation, Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, Miracle Flights, Alex’s Lemonade, Joe Namath Foundation and more have held virtual charity poker fundraising tournaments this year.

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Faded Spade® is the poker and playing card brand for today’s poker players, poker rooms and the modern poker era. Founded in 2017 by Tom Wheaton, Faded Spade provides the highest quality playing cards to leading poker rooms, operators, and consumers around the world.

In 2020, Faded Spade extended its product portfolio to include Faded Spade Virtual Poker – a virtual white label social poker offering that specializes in consumer, business and charity poker tournaments for the purposes of brand promotion, employee connectivity and philanthropic fundraising. To learn more about Faded Spade, visit

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