Gomo Mobile in Australia and its plan with Optus Australia

What is Gomo mobile Australia
Optus launched Gomo in Australia

Gomo Mobile in Australia is launched by Optus which low cost mobile service. Optus became the latest mobile operator to launch a digital-only brand, unveiling plans to bring the Gomo offering of its parent Singtel to Australia.

Gomo would offer straight-forward subscription pricing and target value-conscious Australians seeking easy mobile connectivity

According to Optus Gomo will be managed entirely through an app that can be used “24/7 for onboarding, service and payments”. Gomo will have “full access” to Optus 4G “and quickly growing 5G network.”

The decision to bring Gomo to Australia “resulted from in-depth research of what consumers want – and what they don’t want”. The recent cost-cutting trend set by digital-only mobile operators Belong (Telstra), Circles (Optus) and Felix (TPG). Every time you visit a mobile operators store or call them for help it costs a lot more money compared to tech/billing support via live chat.

The company said the current “economically challenging period” made the timing right. Like TPG’s felix, Optus said more details about Gomo Australia would be made available “soon”.

If Gomo’s operating on a prepaid basis as it does in other countries, it would be the first prepaid carrier to provide 5G access; so far Spintel does provide 5G mobile on Optus, but only for postpaid SIM contracts.

Gomo and Singtel

GOMO is an all-digital product powered by Singtel, to give customers the convenience, value and freedom that they deserve. GOMO subscribers enjoy the same mobile surfing speeds and network coverage as Singtel Mobile customers.

Singtel already has Gomo in-market in Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. GOMO Mobile is a simple no-contract SIM only plan brought to you by Singtel. As an example at Singapore for $20/mth (inclusive of GST), you get 20GB, 200 mins and 200 SMSes valid for 30 days. Caller ID and incoming calls are free!

No excess charges will be incurred after you have fully utilized your plan bundle. Your plan is valid for 30 days and will be automatically renewed thereafter so you get to enjoy less fuss and more fun.

Gomo and Singtel Australia

To get the Gomo plan you need to be 18 years and above. If you are below 18, please have a parent or guardian sign up on your behalf. Also you need to sign up with the provider like in Australia with Optus. Just ensure you have your Mastercard/Visa Debit or Credit Card and any of the following IDs during sign-up.

When you purchase Gomo SIM card you need to either have the existing mobile number and convert to Gomo mobile plan or get a new number for your mobile. So this means you can continue using your current SIM as your provider transfers your number to Gomo within 4 working days after you received your SIM Card. Once completed, simply pop your SIM in and you’re ready to use Gomo.

Transferring your number to GOMO is completely free. However, remember to ensure that both your mobile plan and value-added services are out of contract with your current telco as Early Termination Charges will apply for both Singtel and non-Singtel customers.

If you pay by credit cards for the purchase of your Gomo SIM , your card details will be saved to your account on the Gomo app. Gomo mobile plans are auto renewed after every 30 days.

At the time of writing Optus was all set to release Gomo. Optus is yet to open up with Gomo plans and is the go-to solution for Australians who just want more affordable, mobile connectivity, plain and easy. As customers prefer digital service options, Optus prioritised that in their offering, along with flexibility and simple activation, so value-seekers get everything they want, and nothing they don’t.

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Gomo is set to be the real challenger brand of the MVNO market – just as Optus is the challenger in the MNO market – and Optus plan is to really shake up the market with what Gomo has to offer.

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