Followup to “who do we like for dishwashers?”

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… I’ve kinda narrowed it down to either a Bosch, a Kitchen Aid, or a Whirlpool …

Models I’m looking at: Bosch (still not sure exactly which model, but probably one of the 300, 500, or 800 series– if anyone has any particular ones they think I should look at, let me know), the Kitchen Aid (probably KDFM404KPS), and the Whirlpool (probably WDT750SAHZ). Edit: one major complication for me is that with corona, I’m basically homebound, and so am pretty much having to buy sight-unseen… I can see from some reviews that I’m not the only person to be in that situation.

Also, if anyone has experience with delivery/installation/haul-away with any of the major 3-4 suppliers (Lowes, Home Depot, Best Buy, Costco), please let me know. I’d probably be inclined to go with Lowes because they’re literally a skip and a jump away from me, but I’d be willing to go with whoever can handle the whole thing for the most reasonable price.

(Sucks that I missed the Lowes sale, and virtually nothing is on sale now…)

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