Exact Super Bowl Matchup Odds: Chiefs-Packers Favored

The best time of the year for football bettors is here: the NFL playoffs! After a tumultuous regular season that saw the league navigate the murky waters created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Wild Card Weekend and the divisional round went off without a hitch.

Up next is the conference championships, with exciting games on tap between the Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC championship game and the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC championship game.

Sportsbooks tend to go all-out for the NFL playoffs, so it’s no surprise to see prop specials on the board for exact Super Bowl matchup odds. Bovada has released exact Super Bowl matchup odds on which teams will collide in the big game in Tampa on February 7, and the usual suspects are topping the list.

Chiefs vs Packers is the likeliest outcome on the board at +145 in exact Super Bowl matchup odds, followed by Bills vs Packers (+240), Chiefs vs Buccaneers (+350) and Bills vs Buccaneers (+475).

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Exact Super Bowl Matchup Odds

Super Bowl 55 Exact Matchup Odds
Matchup Odds
Chiefs vs Packers +145
Bills vs Packers +240
Chiefs vs Buccaneers +350
Bills vs Buccaneers +475

Odds as of January 21 at Bovada

How to Read Super Bowl Matchup Odds

When you check out an NFL betting site, you’ll see odds displayed like this:

Chiefs vs Packers +300

Chiefs vs Saints +600

Chiefs vs Buccaneers +650

Unlike a moneyline bet where the favorites are represented by the minus sign (-), and the underdogs with the plus sign (+), here the fave is the matchup with the lowest odds (Chiefs vs Packers).

If you were to bet $200 at +300, you’d get a payout of $600 – your original $200 is returned along with your winnings of $400. Our Odds Calculator will tell you what you’d win based on the odds and amount bet.

What is a Prop Bet on the NFL?

A prop bet is a wager you make on the occurrence or non-occurrence of team or player milestones that may not correlate to the outcome of a particular game. In this case, you’d be betting on the exact Super Bowl lineup.

As the season progresses and more games are played, oddsmakers will adjust the lines. A surging squad in November would see their odds to make it to the big game change to reflect their on-field performance. For instance, if the Chiefs had a rough start but then spend the next 10 weeks destroying their opponents, the odds will shift in their favor.

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