Down 240 units in 2 1/2 hours

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Yeah I’ve been simming in CVCX and although a poor result it’s not out of the range of the program. Not that’s it’s such of a consolation. As far as the best ramp I’ll retreat to $50 for TC +2 that should be more optimal. There’s no way my roll can handle increasing my max bet until it grows. The sim said I was at a 3% ROR when I started and my bankroll is back to the same spot so I’m just gonna ride with it and hope I’m not one of the three in a hundred. I’m not seasoned, but I’m ambitious and there’s only one way to figure out if I can make it.

So, 1×50 at true 2, means 1×100 at true 3, and 1×150 at true 4 – or 2 hands of same. Further, if table min is 25, then as per this and comments on my prior post. If table min is $ 10, then $25 off the top with drop to $10 at -1 or 2. This increases effective spread.

Ambition is wonderful, so is a seasoned player. There’s the story of the race between the turtle and the rabbit. It’s a long distance journey and slow and steady usually wins the race.

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