Daniel Negreanu Wins His First Online Session In Heads-Up Challenge With Doug Polk

Day 4 of the Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk heads-up challenge is in the books after the pair completed 366 hands on Wednesday.

Much to his relief, Daniel Negreanu had a good session on the day, finishing the day up $87,166.59, his first win since Day 1 and his first victory since the match moved online to WSOP.com. The victory was sealed with exciting last half hour after Negreanu came back from an early deficit.

In winning the session, Negreanu narrowed Polk’s lead to $180,865.22 over 1372 hands. The pair have now completed just over 5% of the challenge.

Check out Wednesday’s session in its entirety below:

[embedded content]

In his post-game interview, Negreanu reiterated that there was still a long ways to go and could easily change in either direction. “Guys, 5 to 10 buy-in swings happen constantly. This is very early in the match – we’re like three minutes in to a basketball game that lasts 48 minutes. ”

Reaction to Day 4 of the Doug Polk/Daniel Negreanu heads-up match

Four days into their heads-up match, Negreanu and Polk have put together a compelling battle so far. Most poker fans agree that the match is thus far living up to the hype, although some have wondered why they can’t broadcast with hole cards or live webcam feeds of Polk and Negreanu.

In addressing live feeds, Negreanu made a tounge-in-check reference to a couple of the meltdowns he had this summer while streaming on GG Poker, which even got him temporarily banned on Twitter.

Poker fans have also weighed on the play so far. Negreanu went into the match as a significant dog, but has managed to win a couple of sessions through four days:

Next up

After a day off on Thursday, Negreanu and Polk will return for their heads-up match on Friday at 5:30 PM ET. Poker fans can watch the action through a selection of streams including:

GG Poker Official YouTube Channel
DougPolkPoker Official YouTube Channel
Upswing Poker Official Twitch Channel

Commentary duties on the Upswing Twitch and Doug Polk Tube channels will be handled by Ryan Fee with Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger joining Fee for the session. GG Poker commentary is being handled by GG Poker ambassador Kevin Martin and KakiTee.

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