Casino News – December 2020 – Record-Setting Month for NV Sportsbooks

This week’s casino news starts off with a focus on Nevada. They’ve been ravaged by the pandemic, but there has been some positive news of late.

Nevada Sportsbooks Set Record In Month Of October

It’s been a struggle in Sin City with the pandemic, but there is some good news to report from October. This week, Nevada reported that sportsbooks saw players gamble roughly $659.9 million during the month of October. This number happens to set the record for the most action in a single month in state history (for sports betting). This number now defeats the previous record that was set back in November of 2019 at $614.1 million.

However, casino revenue is still on the decline as a whole. Casinos in the state of Nevada were able to reel in $822.7 million from bettors throughout the month, a 19.5 percent drop in year-over-year. Clark County got the worst of that drop, falling 23.5 percent. Of course, this has to do with the drop in tourism and traffic.

The good news is that Nevada is still performing quite well outside of Clark County. We’ll see if The Strip can start to recover as we (hopefully) move towards the end of the pandemic.

Boyd Gaming Drops Nevada Casino

Boyd Gaming looks like they are taking a step back in the Nevada gaming scene. The company has recently announced that they are finishing up a sale over a casino stationed in Nevada. The Eldorado Casino is the property in the spotlight for this deal and it soon to be a part of DeSimone Gaming.

Eldorado was one of the few casinos that didn’t reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic first started. The company had felt that reopening it wouldn’t help out their revenue since tourism is way down. Instead, they decided to cut their losses and keep it closed. For DeSimone, they are buying in at a low as they now get a property at what we can only assume was a great price. The location is also great given that it’s well-stationed in a very popular gambling state.

Many people may not have ever heard about DeSimone Gaming as they pale in size to other giants in the betting industry such as MGM and Caesars Entertainment. However, DeSimone has a lot of familiarity in the betting industry and should be able to maximize the profit of The Eldorado Casino.

Mexico Brings In New Gaming Taxes

Mexico is having a bit of an issue with their casinos. The current president, Manuel Lopez Obrador, wants to cut down on the number of gaming licenses that are issued out to the casinos. That’ll curtail the number of outlets where people can game. At the same time, the government needs the revenue from gaming. The current plan is not only to limit the gaming licenses but to charge the ones who still get to keep theirs a bigger cut.

The Jalisco State Revenue Law is set to take place in 2021 and is going to put a 10 percent tax on all casino game and slot machine winnings. However, this law was already set in place in a way, but it is being put out once more due to lawmakers feeling as if casino operators were getting around this tax without paying.

Gerardo Quirino Velazquez, Jalisco Treasury Commission Deputy, was one of the key voices that helped push this new measure through the legal system. We’ll have to see what impact there as a lot of under-the-table action was taking place to avoid taxes. With the government trying to limit legal casinos, we could see more and more underground venues open up to avoid these taxes.

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