Cannot seem to have a winning session…

This year has started off terrible. I’m already down 500-600 units (I’d have to look at my notes to be exact, but I’m too angry and ashamed right now to look) on a conservative 1-6 spread at nearest/best Indian casino near me (Hard Rock in Wheatland).

It seems like every set of decks (playing their $15-$25 3:2 DD game: ~75% pen, DA2, DAS, H17, No RSA, No LS) has gone negative, and those that did go positive, I was getting shafted with 12-15 and busting/losing, and push or lost with 20-21-BJ (pushed an unreal number of times on 20).

I can’t help but feel like I’m doing something wrong, but I know I’m counting right, I’m following BS and deviations right, but to be down this hard – an extension of late last year’s losing run – just doesn’t feel right.

Maybe it’s all just really, really bad variance… but man. Shit sucks and it’s starting to wear at the fun of playing. Any advice?

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