Can I legally use Oregon lottery sportsbook if I’m not a resident as long as I am physically in the state when I place a bet?

If this is the wrong place for this, please delete. I don’t mean to break any rules, but the rules in the sidebar seemed pretty open.

I would like to place small bets on the upcoming playoff games and superbowl for entertainment. Just to make the games more fun when I don’t care about any of the teams left in the runnings.

I live on the WA/OR border. Apparently this type of online gambling of this type is not legal in WA. I’m not interested in breaking any laws. Oregon is literally a 10 minute drive away. If I use the app, and place the bets while physically in Oregon, is this no different than visiting a casino out of state? Which is perfectly legal.

Thanks, and have fun everyone.

Edit: Question thoroughly answered. Thanks all for the replies!

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