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About a year ago I posted on here asking if it’s possible to play roulette professionally,
I had just had a number of big wins online.
I’ve gambled on and off for years and always been pretty lucky,
at that point I was up $35,000 with no major losses,
I’m pretty strict with when I cash out etc.

Anyway the board agreed I was playing with fire and told me to never gamble again etc,
that and some advice from friends led me to slow down,
so I cashed out and blocked myself from all of the online casino‘s.

Anyway recently with lockdown boredom I’ve started playing a little bit again,
in the last few days I’ve turned 3000 into 10,000,
I’ll probably spend the next few days playing with my profits so it’s 0 risk.

Anyway the point of this paragraph is,
is it possible to play roulette professionally?
Does anyone supplement gambling with their income?
Over a year or two I’m up $45,000 thanks to the way I play and my strictness / routine.

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