Beautiful hotel – Review of ARIA Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

The Aria is probably my top pick of 5 star hotels on the strip.

The Aria runs a little on the slightly more expensive side, though I do think its worth it. Rooms are clean, modern, and the hotel doesn’t feel run down like many other options. Staff is EVERYWHERE and readily available to help. I had multiple cases were I got lost and staff walked me to where I need to go. I will say that the hotel is a little tough to navigate, or maybe I’m just directionally challenged. Upon entrance to your room your blinds will automatically open which I thought was a cute touch. The curved design of the blinds also means the room is VERY dark when the blinds are closed which is great.

Everything in the room can be controlled from the bedside Ipad. This includes light levels on the individual lights, thermostat, etc. You can also reserve restaurants from the Ipad or put yourself on the waitlist.

Bathrooms are great, especially the gigantic tub.

Honestly I have no complaints about the hotel. Everything nearby it is pricey but that’s somewhat expected for the strip. If you stay multiple days you can often get $20-30 of meal credit which is nice for an extra drink or a burger or something.

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