Aways losing with AA, what I’m doing wrong (hand discussion)

Got it. I should have been more aggressive.

The problem is, and I may be finding escuses here, in my experience in micro stakes, everyone is kinda of crazy. You saw, the guy was shoving with a mid pair.

The text book says that if someone bet hard, he has either a strong hand or a week hand stealing. Never a medium hand, because if this was the case, he would prefer to control the size of the pot.

Thus, I find that a Cbet is extremely ineffective, because if I bet 50% of the pot, I’m expecting my bluff to pass at least 50% of the time. But the people are crazy and just don’t do what you expect. At least, I may be wrong, I find that my Cbet don’t pass 50% of the time.

In this case, what is my line of though. Since I can’t predict what they will do, I will play when I have something and fold when I don’t.

Am I so wrong?

And, if so, how to adjust better to micro stakes?

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