Are casino and betting bonuses safe to claim?

Bonuses are made widely available by many online casinos and sportsbooks, which can raise questions as to whether they are safe to claim- that it’s in your best interest to use them or not.

Whilst these doubts and concerns may be valid in certain situations, there is nothing to be concerned about when claiming them from bookmakers and operators that can be trusted.

Most people realise and recognise that if claiming bonus funds then you will have a wager requirement until any winnings are able to be cashed out.

Unfortunately, there will be some bad-eggs out in the industry that look to scam players of their money but promising certain things that can almost look far too good to be true, however if players are careful, they can claim these bonuses to further enhance their betting experiences.

Often it’s good to use them because you just have more money to play with and get more out of the experience. It also allows you to play higher stakes and potentially hit that great high stake win. You can then lower the stakes to meet the wager requirement and cash it out.

Why do casinos and bookmakers provide bonuses?

Casinos and sportsbooks will continually make bonuses available as it is one of their most effective means of attracting new players whilst also incentivising existing members to remain betting with them.

A casino’s ultimate aim is to continue to build their customer base and by providing attractive offers in just one of the best ways that they are able to do it.

As mentioned, by using a trusted casino or sportsbook – i.e. one that has plenty of history or has a number of reviews written about it – players can feel confident that using a bonus code is safe and secure. There are casinos that will sometimes suggest to remain away from bonus, however these are likely to be some of those ‘bad-eggs’ discussed earlier.

For players who want to find the best legit UK betting offers, they can visit a number of sites that compile all the best offers on a regular basis and provide bettors with reviews about what to expect from the casino and regarding the bonus that is being offered.

Does the bonus have to be claimed or used?

Just because a bonus is being offered, it does not necessarily mean it has to be used or claimed,

live chat

live chat

although it would certainly be recommended when coming from a trusted sportsbook or casino. These bonuses can help further enhance the betting experience that is felt as they can provide some great terms, although it is wise to make sure that the small print is read so players know what they are getting involved with. If you have any doubts at all then just raise it with the live chat before you start.

Normally you will have to go through KYC before you can even play real money and so this delay gives you plenty of time to clarify any rules with the live chat.

How is a bonus claimed?

If players feel using a casino or a betting bonus is safe and are ready to do so, all they simply would need to do is to go to the bookmaker/sportsbook of their choice and enter the bonus code they have found when signing up to be rewarded with it.

Due to the sheer range of bonuses that can be offered to new customers, there may be certain terms that players need to meet when trying to claim the offer, such as making a qualifying bet or deposit. This does not make the bonus any less safe, though, as this is just a standard requirement for many of them to be activated.


In general, bonuses offered by casinos and sportsbooks can be deemed safe as long as a trusted and secure operator has been used. Many of the gambling companies within the industry will all be licensed and regulated by the laws of the country their operations are based and these are some of the strictest rules to have ever been produced.

Naturally, there are some operators that are out there to ruin it for everyone, however, by doing the research and by using a company that is well-known and established, bettors can feel comfortable using one of the many bonuses that are made available!

All of the brands and offers available as ads on this website are trusted big name operators for this very reason.

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