Annoying thing about the lottery

Few years ago I remember that the power ball and mega million used to cost 1 dollar a ticket, then it increased to $2 a ticket, AND the odds also increased to make it more difficult.

The results of this is that the lottery now has less winners per year, but each winner now gets much more money since the lottery keeps going up higher now.

Talk about the “wealth gap” problem that this new odds help create, less winners but the people who do win end up winning much more than previous winners since it now goes up much higher because of worse odds to win.

It would make much more sense for the nation’s well being if odds wasnt so bad as it used to be so more people can win, and each winner doesn’t win an insane amount of money like this one just did. Instead of one insane multi millionaire, there would be a few more winnners which would definitely be better for the economy as well than just 1 insane multi millionaire.

Sorry about rant, but this new odds which allows the jackpot to reach 1 billion with only 1 winner is frustrating. Odds could be better to allow for more winners even if jackpot doesnt go as high like it used to be before. The government would still keep making a lot of money either way, but more winners would help more people and the nation as a whole instead of just 1 insane near billionaire crazy jackpot winner.

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