Announcement of the new page for Leftwing,….having to do with words of hope and fun

I have tried to change the name of the page, but apparently, there is really no way of doing so. However, let this serve as a change in direction for this page. It will not be political since I already have a page and profile for that. It may, and I mean many, have posts that have a political application but they will not be directly about a particular set of political beliefs, at least not as displayed in the day-to-day media.
It has long been my contention that Christianity in modern America, and to a large extent world side, has been captured by the political climate every bit as much as the Jewish religion, as the take on the people in the leadership of the Jewish faith of that time is pictured. Ie narrow-minded and bigoted…and the many in the Christian community are just that narrow-minded and bigoted today. They would probably have been part of the Jewish community that howled for Jesus’ death as much as they might say they wouldn’t have since Jesus was not orthodox by their standards.
Sadly, it seems to be a human trait that those who are not exactly like “us” are the enemy. For many in the organized churches of today, LGBTQ fails to live and love as those subsets of the Christian church believe they sure, so, therefore, in their minds, all LGBTQ persons are anathema and bound presumably for Hell and eternal suffering.
So, my articles are going to show images of another kind of Christianity. This kind seems mankind as being loved by God, cared for by God, and to be unable to separate themselves from the love of God even when we try everything possible. Featured among those teachers of hope are included the Universalists who will tell you point-blank that God’s mercy is for everybody and that any salvation coming to any of us comes to all of us. Otherwise, the mission of Jesus would be forfeit and sort of without meaning.
On the political level, the United States in particular has no religious litmus test for citizenship. In regards to our above example of the LGBTQ, those wanting us in the LGBTQ community to take the back seat of 2nd class citizenship are actually attacking the very essence of freedom of religion every bit as much as they claim they are being attacked by the alleged “War on Christmas” that many of us are accused of engaging in for the simple reason that we know that many religions have a holiday around the new year and prefer to step around the whole issue, give everybody the respect due to them and say “Happy Holidays” instead of narrowing it down to just one, “Christian only” holiday, which went you think about it is really ignoring that next holiday of New Years.
Part of this blog comes out of the above issues, but part of it comes from a friendship I have with a bartender here in New Orleans. She worked on Sundays but knowing I went to church, asked for a “word of hope”. I will share words of hope, setting them in the larger context within the blog.
In addition, I will focus on fun stuff that is happening, which includes books and movies that I feel have “good news” and “hope” as part of their message. I am a science fiction addict so beware some of it may have an “otherworldly vibe” to it.

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