A recent run with BlackJack at my local casino left a sour taste in my mouth.

I have just begun playing blackjack 5 weeks ago using basic strategy. My last visit to my local casino did not go so well. Moneywise I broke even, yet what bothered me was how the other players acted throughout my visit. From what I have learned is that people at casinos are 60/40 dickheads/decent people. I had a woman tell me “I wasn’t even playing” at the BJ table; for the life of me I still cannot decipher what she meant. A man would blatantly get up and take a walk whenever I would sit at his table; on one occasion he tried to say “we gotta leave” under his breath to a fellow player at the same table to which even the dealer (THE FUCKING DEALER) agreed to his intuition.

I stay silent 90% of the time I am playing unless someone hits blackjack to which I congratulate them. I strictly follow basic strategy, and I know I do not smell bad nor am I so ugly it hurts the eyes to look in my general direction. I just cannot figure it out.

I then thought maybe it was the way I used my money, and hopped around tables. My results went like this:

1st table I put in $100 and lost it all (faulty doubles man) none of the people mentioned above were present and the folks who sat there were generally encouraging and awesome. (yes, yes, yes, I know I should have stayed at that table)

2nd table I put in the same amount and was down 60 bucks from what I put in (160 total) then lady luck graced me with her presence after putting $20 on two hands which led to me recuperating all my money back and going 50 in the black after winning a few consecutive hands. This is where I encountered the gentleman who would later get up and take a walk whenever I tried to join.

I then cashed out $200 and kept the $50 in chips to keep playing.

3rd table rewarded me with the nice little quip A lady bestowed upon me which I mentioned earlier. Lost the $50 BTW

Little things to note: I bet the table minimum ranging from $10-$15 99% of the time. Every time I earn a 25 dollar chip I immediately put it in my pocket, working towards making my buy-in back. I NEVER play match the dealer, and to be honest 80% of the people I have played with love pointing that out especially whenever I get a suited match.

In general, for all you seasoned vets of the BlackJack realm. Am I doing something wrong? Poor etiquette, bad table manners, unreasonably stupid betting patterns, or anything else that could be subject to such behavior.


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