5 quick tips for winning the lottery more frequently and more often


Putting up the good news for a lottery winner. PHOTO: USA Today

Here are 5 winning tips to check out as the middle of the week approaches.

TIP 1. The first one is obvious no matter where you are in the world… you need to buy and use my Silver Lotto System. It is the most powerful program I have seen available, and I’ve seen a few since I developed this one back in the early 90’s.

TIP 2. You need to play more than just a few lines on a ticket. Don’t let this put you off buying the Silver Lotto System because you think it needs a large investment in each game. You actually don’t need as much as you think. My easy-to-follow member’s website will explain everything when you buy.

TIP 3. For fast results, play the small prize games which will give you more frequent wins. That’s because the odds are better with smaller numbers of balls. For example, if you have a choice between playing a 7 ball game with a multimillion-dollar payout, or a 5 ball game with much less winnings, go for the 5 ball game each time. If you want to play the big jackpots, the Silver Lotto PRO will help you.


TIP 4. When you win these smaller prizes, don’t be tempted to put it all back into a single game. It always leads to a lossmaking situation. Instead, keep a portion of your winnings to one side and feed it into each game on a regular basis. Spend the rest on yourself!

TIP 5. Many successful players are willing to put off smaller, instant results now to get larger ones later on. This means instead of playing a large number of games with a small investment each time, you should save up to play one game with a larger accumulated investment. In other words, don’t spend $5 in each weekly game. Instead, save it and play $20 in one game a month.

While you’re waiting, just take a couple of lines each week to keep your enthusiasm up. It could pay off in larger and more frequent wins. You could win big – as many Silverites do.

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