3 Sports Betting Secrets the Bookies Don’t Want You to Know

We are quickly becoming a world of gamblers. Statista Survey showed that gross gambling yields around the world total more than $400 billion every year. Combining the growing number of brick-and-mortar casinos with the number of online gambling platforms and projected increases in gambling and its return become astronomical.

Anyone who enjoys sports betting, whether as a hobby or for a living, no doubt appreciates this trend. Unfortunately, many bookies don’t like their clients to know a few facts of life. These influences can be eliminated by using such sites as www.topsport.com.au and having a keen understanding of the ideas below.

Bookies Want You to Multi-Stake

Despite what many “experts” will tell you about winning big from smaller stakes, the laws of probability support the idea that your chances of winning by increasing the degree of risk lessen your chances of winning. This is why so many bonuses are available for multi-wagers. The bonuses offered—5, 10, 50, 100 percent—expand in value as the chain of accumulators grows. A hefty 95 percent return on a stake for losing one of your bets is a high price to pay for a loss. Why? Because they don’t want you to win. As a result, they boost the chances that you will lose by promising a big payoff if you wager against high risks.

Despite the promises of high returns, always be sure to balance those potential returns with the amount you are willing to risk. Those professionals who win with systematic methods admit their bets usually slip beyond single betting options.

Odds Given by Bookies Are Not Often a True Reflection of Probability

Bookies often use overblown bonuses and guarantees to get gamblers to wagering with cumulative bets. Think of it as a store that entices you to shop to save money. In the long run, you’re only spending it and not really saving anything. In sports gambling, the odds given are published with figures that are often far removed from reality. What do you expect from a business that wants to make as much money as fast as possible?

Bookmakers work to ensure that they not only keep their business afloat but that they get maximum returns for their efforts, even if it means fixing the odds to their advantage. How does this work for you, the player? It would help if you made an extra effort to find the best estimate of each game’s outcomes. Don’t rely purely on the odds that the bookies provide.

Bookies Will Make a Profit Regardless of the Outcomes

One of the questions almost everyone asks is if bookies cheat. Plainly stated, no. Bookies don’t need to cheat because all they need to do is to adapt the odds to their favor. That’s why, regardless of the outcome, bookies always make a profit. For example, if a bookie wants to increase his take-home, all they need to do is adapt the odds for more dollars per bet.

Have you ever wondered how bookies create the lines and odds for given sporting events? We can tell you, with total certainty, that it’s far from an arbitrary decision, and it’s even farther away from any idea that you’re betting against the whims of a person or group of people in general.

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