2 Quick questions… Freeroll vs real cash and other question

2 Quick questions… Freeroll vs real cash and other question

1. Do you guys plays same on a freroll vs a real cash mttt… sng?
2. Can you data analyze a player by his way of play on a freeroll??

my answers.

1. NO

why i asked this ?… I just finish a daily freroll on pokerstars… and well got good hands but i didnt win by struck of luck on other players… what cought my attention was that after i lost… I staid a bit and some players started to bring me into conversation like… he talkts to much… ive never seen him before blah blah blah… but a player said… he is on FRC but that not meaing he is a quality player…

ok.. im not a pro… obviously… im really starting playing poker but neverhteless ive had good winnings altho ive win some freerolls at CC mentioning at GG poker intertops top 10 sports betting americas cards chat and so….

You guys really analyze players by his way of play on a freeroll???… well… it really hurt a bit… i must say… im Ok none gets really hurt after reading this… (JK)

Dont be that kind of player… if one player talks on table… why do you guys close your door and dont answer?… i know is not an obligation for respodning… but why then after a player lose… then otther payers start talking about that player… hm… not that cool for me… its about to have fun isn it?…

thank you for reading me =)

Ill be glad to read your opinions on this one =)

keep having a great day! 2 Quick questions... Freeroll vs real cash and other question

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